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Hello, intrepid unsuspecting explorers and welcome to 'Insanarious' - The Fledgeling Profile.

In case you were wondering, 'insanarious' is 'a filler word. Used to stump your listeners and make a complete ass out of them if they don't question what it means. It has no actual meaning. It does, however, have purpose.' (Taken from Urban Dictionary)

Here you may find all manner of fandom based, generally irreverent, generally general, humourous, emo, experimental, bad, pretty, disturbing icons and any other graphic that it may strike our fancy to make. They will all be by either demurediablo, bromantic, vianusmiho, or me, Disembodied Sexually Ambiguous Profile Writing Guy.

It should be noted that certain maintainers of this community have a rather severe case of BJS, or Bad Joke Syndrome, medical term witlessium essayia. Brace your forehead for the inevitable kiss of the table. You have been warned.

1. Follow the rules
2. Comment if taking an icon
3. Credit insanarious when using an icon from here
4. If we ask that you credit someone else as well, e.g. stock artist, please do
5. Don't flame. We need constructive criticism, and we think we can do a better job of insulting each other, thank you.

Feedback is almost always welcome! As are links, expensive gifts, attempts at friendship, tips, kittens, and prescription recommendations. We also welcome capitalisation, punctuation and sedation.

Have a nice life. :)

The pretty layout we like was kindly provided by cartonage, the header image by tzg, header texture by Resurgere. Headers by demurediablo - kindly do not tamper.