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November 10th, 2007

Oh look, it's a post!

[x] Comments are good for one's moral. Like chicken soup for the soul
[x] Credit insanarious or bromantic
[x] Images can be modified if you want! Also, all screencaps were taken personally by moi

storms will let us rebuild....my wayCollapse )

September 6th, 2007

Um. Post.

[x] Comments are nice. Like cake. I like cake.
[x] Credit insanarious or bromantic
[x] All images are taken from Yubinbasha's FFVII doujinshi circle.

FAKE CUTCollapse )

September 2nd, 2007


holiday deficient
No One Lives Forever icons! I have no idea where the heck to post these, since I can't find a community dedicated to NOLF and the girl gamers community may not appreciate it... They're all Cate Archer so far.

So, insanarious' first icon post!

[x] Comment if nabbing
[x] Credit insanarious or demurediablo

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Icons under the cutCollapse )

August 17th, 2007


holiday deficient
demurediablo's Resources

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bromantic's Resources

vianusmiho's Resources

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